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Cane Corsos are a relatively healthy breed in comparison to other large molossers. Common health issues include eye conditions (entropian, ectropian and cherry eye), heart problems, wobblers, skin conditions, allergies, epilepsy, cruciate ligament tear and joint problems.

Bloat can also occur in the Cane Corso and owners should make themselves familiar with the signs and symptoms. Please see this article for more information http://www.veterinarypartner.com/Content.plx?A=672

The ICCF UK strongly supports testing for hip and elbow dysplasia and recommends only breeding from dogs which have been tested and have achieved an acceptable standard score.

Hips should be scored under a recognised scheme such as the BVA scheme here in the UK or the European equivalent. In the UK the BVA average is 22. Breeding dogs should at least be of average score or better.

Elbows should be X-rayed at 12 months or older and formally scored under a recognised scheme. Elbows should be 0:0 to 1:1 or better.

Here is the link to the BVA Health Scheme. http://www.bva.co.uk/canine_health_schemes/canine_health_schemes.aspx

The BVA Health scheme does differ to American OFA scheme and European FCI schemes, there is a comparison table below.

Hip scoring Comparison Table

All bloodlines can potentially carry genetic defects and it is therefore important for breeders to try and breed away from potential issues however which such a small gene pool here in the UK, this is not always an easy process.

It is crucial that breeders are very careful when selecting potential breeding pairs and they should spend a lot of time researching pedigrees and seek to gain an understanding of potential health issues that may affect certain bloodlines. This is no easy task as many breeders are not open when it comes to health issues affecting their lines. Any breeder may produce a dog with bad health, however hard they try to avoid doing so. A good breeder will share their experiences of breeding, both good and bad so others can learn from this and not make similar mistakes.

When you visit potential breeders in your quest for a Cane Corso ask them if there are any known health issues within the lines that they are aware of. A breeder who answers this honestly is one that should be admired. Every breeder will produce one or two dogs with health issues over time, its nothing to be ashamed of if steps are taken to rectify this problem.

Before purchasing a puppy, always ask to see official health documentation of parents.



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